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Handmaker residents celebrate Purim

Despite COVID restriction adjustments, Handmaker residents had fun celebrating Purim this year!

Rabbi and Chani Shemtov and Rabbi and Feigi Ceitlin provided beautiful Mishloach Manot for our residents at Handmaker.

Many residents also enjoyed listening to the Megillah Esther on Zoom on Erev Purim, read by Mel Cohen, Dan Asia, Michael Rosensweig, Sari Lewis and others. Handmaker resident, Roslyn Friedman, was especially excited about this, because Sari is her great granddaughter, who read the Megillah Esther last year in person at Handmaker. Sari has been reading the Megillah during Purim for the last 8 years at Assisted Living Facilities, and was glad that she could again this year, even if it was virtually on Zoom.

Residents and staff all enjoyed the yummy Hamantashen made by our Executive Chef Claire this year as well, and we had a staff dress up (or down) day on Purim, with many staff members coming in their rodeo attire.

Thanks to everyone who made it such a wonderful Purim!

Next year we hope to welcome others into Handmaker to celebrate with us!

Thanks to Rabbi and Chani Shemtov and Rabbi (not in photo) and Feigi Ceitlin for the beautiful Mishloach Manot for Handmaker residents, picked up by Nanci Levy.
Sarah Segal got into the spirit of Purim during the Zoom Megillah reading at Handmaker on Erev Purim.
Handmaker resident, Marcie Sutland, appreciated the Mishloach Manot put together by Rabbi and Chani Shemtov and Rabbi and Feigi Ceitlin from Chabad Tucson.
Roslyn Friedman enjoyed seeing and hearing her great-granddaughter Sari reading the Megillah Esther on Erev Purim during a Zoom Megillah reading.