August at Handmaker Assisted Living

Handmaker Assisted Living residents have been keeping busy with some new activities that are helping to expand their mind and body, giving residents new opportunities to learn about themselves and each other. Steve Hunt, Handmaker Administrator, began playing billiards with residents in the Rubin Assisted Living neighborhood last month at the new Thursday afternoon “Billiards and Suds” program.

While some residents prefer to sip their beer or soda and nibble on snacks as they watch the others play, more than a few residents have really taken to the game. Steve has shown them how to use the “bridge” that he bought for them to help them with the difficult to reach shots, giving them pointers and suggestions along the way, and now there are many pool sharks in the making. It is not uncommon to see some of them practicing on their own or in pairs on other days as well. And as they play, they chat, and get to know one another. It’s a wonderful way to spend any afternoon.

Another popular activity that has recently been added to the Handmaker activity calendar is Mahjong. Certainly over the years Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging has been home to many Mahjong players and games, but there has not been a regular game in a few years. Several months ago, a group of current residents in the Rubin Assisted Living Neighborhood were trying to get a game together, but needed refreshers on the rules, and perhaps an umpire.

We were all fortunate that local Mahjong maven Rochelle Roth was willing and able to come and help. So now they are all learning, or re-learning, the game of Mahjong, with Rochelle’s wonderful and patient help, as they also learn more about each other. It’s been terrific to see residents enjoying remembering how to play, as Rochelle gently coaches them. They are having fun, keeping their brains sharp, and developing friendships along the way.

These are just a few of the new activities happening at Handmaker this summer. To see more, visit us on Facebook at