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The Bonds of Life: Remembering those we lost to COVID-19

We’re creating space to mourn Jews who are lost to the coronavirus at a time when Jewish mourning practices are nearly impossible to observe.

If you’ve lost someone dear to you, we invite you to share their story with us using this form.

Maurice Berger, 63, was a noted curator and historian. He died March 23.

Romi Cohn, 92, was a rabbi and Holocaust survivor who delivered a prayer in the U.S. Congress two months before his death March 24.

Judith Lowin, 76, was a retired nurse, synagogue volunteer and devoted grandmother in Riverdale, New York. She died March 21.

Yehuda Refson, 73, was the top Chabad rabbi in Leeds, England. He died March 23.

Michele Sciama, 79, known as Mickey, was a former leader of Milan’s organized Jewish community. He died March 16.

Giorgio Sinigaglia, 54, was a father of four and engineer who volunteered frequently in Milan’s Jewish community. He died March 23.

Andre Toubol, 64, was a Chabad rabbi who led one of Paris’s top high schools. He died March 21.