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Jewish 101-year-old woman: Hitler was my neighbor and was ‘terrified of us’

(JTA) — A 101-year-old woman living in the United Kingdom has revealed that Adolf Hitler was her next-door neighbor.

Alice Frank Stock lived next to the Nazi leader in Munich on Prinzregentplatz Street in the 1920s and early ’30s, she told the news agency SWNS.

“There were two entrances, one was for our apartment and the other was number 14, and I can’t remember the other one, it was number 13 or 15, and that’s where Hitler lived,” she said.

She didn’t interact with him — only catching glimpses of him as he entered the apartment under heavy guard.

“I saw him once, twice coming home,” she said. “And his car would draw up and then two SS men would jump out and stand on each side of his way, and he rushed out to the house terrified of us, that someone will try and kill him.”

Once, she recalled, she got a ticket to the opera from her school — and was slated to sit in the same box as Hitler.

“I got a ticket, it was in the royal box of the smaller opera,” she said. “I got to the royal box in the evening and there were SS men saying ‘You can’t come here, go two boxes further down.’ And before the curtain went up I looked at the royal box and there was Hitler sitting there.”