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Israeli elections and analysis available online in English

Almost 6 million voters, over 11,000 ballots. Sept. 17 is national Elections Day for the 22nd Knesset.
This is the second time in 2019 that the Israeli public is called to actively participate in the democratic process. First results of this 2nd round are expected to be published tomorrow at 10 pm Israel time.
To help make sense of the results, the Jewish Federations of North America invite you to a live briefing with Ya’akov Katz, editor in chief of The Jerusalem Post. The briefing will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 12 pm ET.

Katz will review and analyze the results as they come in, and help us understand what kind of government is likely to now be formed, and what this means for the future of Israel.

To register (free of charge) follow the link in the first comment below.

More news and analysis are offered (in English) by a selection of Israeli media outlets such as Haaretz.comi24NEWS English or The Times of Israel.