Alan Dershowitz is ready to write an introduction to the Mueller report. It’s already selling on Amazon.

(JTA) — Alan Dershowitz is at the ready for more writing — and he already knows what he writes is flying off the virtual bookshelves.

Dershowitz is selling special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his investigation with an introduction by, you guessed it, the outspoken Harvard law professor himself. Amazon is scheduled to ship the book at the end of the month, and it’s already the No. 3 bestseller in its Civics and Citizenship category and ranked 617th among all books, the Boston Globe reported.

Amazon also is touting it as the No. 1 best-seller in the popular category of Federal Jurisdictional Law.

It says the book will be 960 pages and be available in paperback or on Kindle.

Meanwhile, Amazon also is selling The Washington Post’s version of the Mueller report, with related materials from the newspaper, at 720 pages in paperback or on Kindle and the same delivery date.

The Globe points out that nobody knows when, or if, the report will be made public. But if and when the report does come out, the Dersh told the newspaper’s Nestor Ramos that he will be ready.

“I’m a fast reader and a fast writer,” he said. “Even though I’m 80 years old, I still do things quickly.”

Dershowitz published a similar book in which he wrote the introduction for Kenneth Starr’s report on Bill Clinton. And Dershowitz even wrote an introduction to the document that needs no introduction: the Constitution.

Dershowitz in recent months has gone to the mat for President Donald Trump despite being a liberal Democrat. But he told the Globe that he can write a fair introduction to the Mueller report regardless of the findings.