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Shining Stars: Young Southern Arizonans find their niche in arts and entertainment

(Illustration by Michelle Shapiro/AJP)

Whether making a name for themselves in front of the bright lights or behind the scenes, whether they still call Southern Arizona home or have moved to far-flung cities, the 12 young people profiled here bring a wide array of talents to the fields of arts and entertainment. Some have been on a straightforward path since early childhood, while others have found that their careers have taken them down unexpected but fulfilling new roads. Along the way, their roots in the Jewish community have provided inspiration and sustenance.

As the High Holidays beckon us to take time to slow down and reflect, we invite you to enjoy their stories — and we wish you all a sweet and healthy
New Year!

Alex Caine 

Michael Cooper 

Danielle Faitelson 

Sam Gasch

Claire Graham 

Grant Henry 

Rhonda Karson 

Robert Lopez-Hanshaw 

Michael Martinez 

Rachel Saul 

Suki-Rose Simakis 

Russell Wiener