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Explore relationships, change while discovering clay

Joan-e Rapine, MS, LAC, NCC, a clinical therapist at Jewish Family & Children’s Services, will present  “Self-Discovery Through Clay” at the Jan. 13 meeting of CHAI Circle, a support group for women with cancer in the Jewish community.

“One of my favorite things about modeling clay is its pliability, making it a great tool for working on exploring self and creating change,” says Rapine. She will discuss how to explore relationships through clay and work toward desired changes.

“These relationships may be with a partner, a child, a parent, food, an illness, or anything else we may have a relationship with. Creativity not required, only an open mind and curiosity,” she explains. Participants will use modeling clay for a hands-on experience.

The meeting will be held from 10 a.m.-noon at the JCC library. CHAI Circle is a JFCS program. RSVP to Irene Gefter at 795-0300, ext. 2271, or