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In focus 4.29.16

in focus brandeis marilyn hensBrandeis high tea

The Tucson chapter of the Brandeis National Committee held a “High Tea” party and installation of officers on Wednesday, April 6 at Skyline Country Club, with 65 people attending. Marilyn Heins, M.D., spoke on “The Joy of Aging.” Proceeds from the event benefit the Tucson Endowed Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarship support to a worthy student from Tucson to attend Brandeis University.

Pictured, Phyllis Fassler, Brandeis vice president of programs (left), with Marilyn Heins



in focus_1st responders

First responders conference

More than 200 first responders from 41 agencies statewide attended “Stronger Responders — Stronger Communities: Recognizing Trauma and Building Resilience,” a conference sponsored by Firefighters Beyond Borders for police, fire, emergency services, clergy, and mental and behavioral health providers on Wednesday April 6. Firefighters Beyond Borders is a program of the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation in partnership with the Weintraub Israel Center and the Tucson Jewish Community Center. The event was held at the Tucson J. Yotam Dagan, director of community programming for NATAL: Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War gave the keynote speech. Ten speakers from local agencies covered topics from choosing a therapist to the role of the media in covering traumatic events.

Pictured, local therapist Barbra Quade speaks on “Trauma: The Treatment, Techniques and Personal Change.”