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"Today Show" host Kathie Lee Gifford, shown at an event in 2009, expressed her desire to become a rabbi. (Shutterstock)
“Today Show” host Kathie Lee Gifford, shown at an event in 2009, expressed her desire to become a rabbi. (Shutterstock)

NEW YORK (6NoBacon Staff) — President Obama closed out his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard with what was likely a very funny round of golf.

According to CNN, the president teed off on Saturday at Farm Neck Golf Club with Larry David, co-creator of “Seinfeld” and creator of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” David’s latest project, the HBO movie “Clear History,” is set in Martha’s Vineyard.

The foursome also included private equity investor Glenn Hutchins and former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk.

Kathie Lee wants to be a rabbi

Hosting the “Today Show” is a pretty good gig, but it seems Kathie Lee Gifford has loftier plans for the future. While celebrating her 60th birthday on the air last Friday, Gifford revealed her dream of becoming a …rabbi. Really. She said it herself.

Here’s how it went down: A 60-year-old viewer posted on Facebook about going back to college later in life, prompting a conversation between Gifford and co-host Hoda Kotb about whether or not they would ever do the same.

While Kotb said she was uninterested in going back to school, Gifford would love a return. And she has a very specific institution in mind.

“I want to go to Yeshiva University and become a rabbi,” Gifford, a born-again Christian with Jewish roots, said without missing a beat. “I want to get my Orthodox rabbinical degree.”

She added, I want to understand what words mean, what all the context is. I’m so fascinated by that stuff.”

Gifford probably won’t have much luck getting into Y.U., but she should definitely try Yeshivat Maharat.

Rivers going to ‘man candy’ store

Wouldn’t “The Bachelorette” be hilarious if it starred Joan Rivers? If you answered in the affirmative, here’s some good news: After 15 lonely years being single, the perennially busy comedian will be hunting for love on a web series for She Knows TV called “Romancing the Joan.” Or, as we like to call it, the best title of any reality show ever.

According to the promo, Rivers will be selecting from a “man candy” pool of “eight eligible (and yummy) bachelors” who will be “parading around in front of Rivers in an effort to win her heart.”

If that already sounds vaguely icky, just wait: Joan’s daughter, Melissa, is hosting the steamy production.

“Some of them were so young! It was gross,” Melissa said. “I mean, do they even know how old my mother is?” (FYI to any interested young men out there, she’s 80.)

“Romancing the Joan” premieres in September.

Aronofsky’s espionage film

For those who like their spy films dark and surreal, here’s something to look forward to soon: According to Deadline, Darren Aronofsky (“Requiem for a Dream,” “The Wrestler,” “Black Swan”) is in talks to direct “Red Sparrow,” an adaptation of an espionage novel.

The book is about an intelligence officer in modern-day Russia forced to become a “sparrow,” aka a “trained seductress.” Things get hot and crazy when she is assigned to go up against a (male) CIA mole.

This would be the Jewish director’s first project since wrapping up “Noah.” Yes, that Noah. The biblical epic, starring Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, hits theaters on March 28.

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