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Orthodox woman chosen as Rhodes Scholar

Miriam Rosenbaum (Princeton University, Office of Communications)

NEW YORK (N.Y. Jewish Week) — In the fading November light of Shabbat, Miriam Rosenbaum walked from the West Side to the East Side, and then to a building on Park Avenue where she walked up 18 flights — Shabbat had more than an hour to go — to an apartment, where 12 of the regional finalists for the Rhodes Scholarship had gathered on Nov. 19 for news of the scholarship winners.

When the Rhodes committee chose Rosenbaum, she became — to the best of anyone’s memory, or ability to qualify such things — the first Orthodox woman to be chosen in the 108 years that the prestigious award has been given to more than 7,000 students, who went on to post-graduate study at Oxford University.

It being Shabbat, Rosenbaum couldn’t tell anyone the good news until evening, but she was able to thank God in the interim; Baruch Hashem, blessed be God, comes easily and often to her lips.

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