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As Tikkun turns 25, Michael Lerner looks back

NEW YORK (N.Y. Jewish Week) — Revolutions belong to the young, and Michael Lerner is growing old.

Tikkun, the magazine he founded and still edits, turns 25 as he turns 68. Lerner wonders how long he can keep doing this.

Tikkun is “the largest circulation progressive Jewish magazine in the world,” he says, but the circulation is down to 18,000, and though 140,000 get Tikkun’s e-mails, the magazine announced it will become smaller in size and publish four times a year, down from six. Writers go unpaid. Tikkun, like so many in the media, is counting on a beautiful website to save itself.

It is Tikkun’s birthday, but the party seems elsewhere.


Michael Lerner