Abigail Alice Cohen

A daughter, Abigail Alice Cohen, was born Nov. 14 to Zachary and Katie Cohen of Tucson. Grandparents are Cantor Janece Cohen of Tucson, Sue and Harry Fox of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Rabbi Jordan Cohen of Ontario. Great-grandparents are Seneca Erman of Tucson, and Rhea and Philip Cohen of Toronto.… Read more »

Adira Neshama Frumkin

A daughter, ADIRA NESHAMA FRUMKIN, was born Feb. 16, 2018 to Michelle Kuper Frumkin and Dvir Frumkin of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Grandparents are Mindi and Stewart Kuper of Tucson and Mira Frumkin of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Great-grandparents are Ileane Schneider of Scottsdale and Rochelle Roth of Tucson.… Read more »

Eve Bernice Kovach

A daughter, EVE BERNICE KOVACH, was born Sept. 7 to Naomi Gray and Josh Kovach of Philadelphia. Grandparents are Margo and Ron Gray of Tucson and Jackie and Brian Kovach of Philadelphia.… Read more »

Marielle Blaney-Koen

A daughter, MARIELLE, was born July 14 to Daniel and Lisa Blaney-Koen of Chicago. Marielle joins her brothers, Brach William and Gray Oliver. Grandparents are Mike and Gerri Koen of Oracle, Arizona, and Howard and Marie Blaney of Colorado.… Read more »

Matthew Roy Gold

A son, MATTHEW ROY GOLD, was born Jan. 18 to Russell and Laura Gold of Winston-Salem, N.C. Grandparents are Phyllis Levin Gold and Stephen Makielski of Tucson, Joe Gold of San Francisco, Gaye Raymond of Oakland, Calif., and Roy Raymond. The Golds also have a daughter, Eleanor Lea Gold,… Read more »

Menachem Mendel Ceitlin

A son, MENACHEM MENDEL CEITLIN, was born Dec. 25, 2016 to Rabbi Yehuda and Feigie Ceitlin of Tucson. Mendel, named after the Lubavitcher Rebbe, joins his sisters Goldie and Sarah. Grandparents are Rabbi Aaron Eliezer and Adina Ceitlin of Montreal, Canada, and Rabbi Yossie and Chanie Shemtov of Tucson… Read more »

Louis Krausz Neuman

A son, LOUIS KRAUSZ NEUMAN, was born Oct. 21, 2016 to Eszter and Ariel Neuman of Los Angeles. Grandparents are Yael and Shlomo Neuman of Tucson and Eva and Tamas Lengyel of Los Angeles. Louis joins his brother, Zev Loren Neuman.… Read more »

Zev Yisrael Kwasman

A son, ZEV YISRAEL KWASMAN, was born June 17, 2016 to Orit and Adam Kwasman of Scottsdale, Ariz. Grandparents are Della and Donald Kwasman of Tucson, Livia Sklar of Alpharetta, Ga., and Myron Sklar of Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Great-grandparents are Allan Charles of Tucson and Serena Goldring of Miami… Read more »

Caleb Richard Brown

A son, CALEB RICHARD BROWN, was born July 30, 2015 to Kristina and Benjamin Brown of Phoenix. Grandparents are Patrice and Ronald Janoff-Brown of Tucson and Casey and Richard Ravenkamp of Los Angeles. Great-grandparents are Barbara Janoff-Kaplan of Tucson, Margie Brown-Simon of Florida, Kola Janoff of Tucson and Richard… Read more »

Juliet Faye Goldstein

A daughter, JULIET FAYE GOLDSTEIN, was born July 10, 2014 to Dana and Adam Goldstein of Oro Valley. Grandparents are Suzie and Marvin Goldstein of Phoenix and Debbie and Jay Jacobs of Mesa, Ariz. Great-grandparents are Barbara and Lou Goldstein of Phoenix, Phyllis and Bob Weinstein of Scottsdale, Ariz,… Read more »

Nadav Bineli

NADAV BINELI was born Oct. 16, 2014 to Naomi and Guy Bineli of San Diego. Grandparents are Ken Brandis and Amy Barnard of Tucson, and Tamazi and Mazia Binashvilli of Bat Yam, Israel.… Read more »

Isaac Goodman

 A son, ISAAC REUVEN GOODMAN, was born May 27, 2014 to Rebecca and Ted Goodman of West Lafayette, Ind. Grandparents are Andrew and Linda Kunsberg of Tucson, Beanie and Markus Rohtbart of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., and Don and Gloria Goodman of West Bloomfield, Mich. Isaac joins his sister, Emma.… Read more »

Nathaniel Isaac Margalit

A son, NATHANIEL ISAAC MARGALIT, was born July 11, 2014, to Rachel and Omri Margalit of Ramat Gan, Israel. Grandparents are Janet and Matthew Fox of Tucson and Zippy and Igal Margalit of Kfar Saba, Israel. Great-grandparents are Sandy and Alice Lester of Tucson and Sara Francis Kalin of… Read more »

Auriel Simon Osherovich

A boy, AURIEL SIMON OSHEROVICH, was born March 4, 2014 to Molli Amara Simon and Lev Osherovich of San Francisco. Auriel joins his 3-year-old brother, Ezra. Grandmother is Miki Paul of Tucson.… Read more »

Leeba Neuman

A daughter, LEEBA NEUMAN, was born Feb. 27, 2014 to Rachel-Leah and Rabbi Gilad Neuman of Baltimore. Grandparents are Shlomo and Yael Neuman of Tucson and Chaya and Rabbi Moshe Zwick of Baltimore. Leeba joins her siblings, Reuven, Tsivia, Yaakov, Orah and Aviva.… Read more »

Ari Nathan Wertlieb

A son, ARI NATHAN WERT­LIEB, was born Jan. 2, 2014 to Rebecca Light and Josh Wertlieb of Phoenix. Grandparents are Marcia and Ken Light of Tucson and Lorre Polinger and Dr. Donald Wertlieb of West Newton, Mass. Great-grandmothers are Betty Light of Tucson, Geraldine Polinger of Palm Beach, Fla.,… Read more »

Levi Leonard Singer

A son, LEVI LEONARD SINGER, was born Jan. 12, 2014 to Sarah and Keith Singer of Tucson. Levi joins his sister, Celia Bea. Grandparents are Barbara and Michael Heisler and Paula and Daniel Singer, all of Tucson.… Read more »

Itayi Nyamuzuwe

A son, ITAYI SIMON NYAMUZUWE, was born Sept. 13, 2013 to Emily Simon and John Nyamuzuwe of Oakland, Calif.  Grandmother is Dr. Miki Paul of Tucson.… Read more »

Reece Samuel Stoler

A son, REECE SAMUEL STOLER, was born Sept. 19, 2013 to Noaa and Marc Stoler of West Orange, N.J. Reece joins his sister, Neve Siona Stoler. Grandparents are Nancy and David Stoler of Tucson, Rachel Hacham of Montclair, N.J., and Arnon Rahav of Salisbury, Md.… Read more »

Zev Loren Neuman

A son, ZEV LOREN NEUMAN, was born to Eszter and Ariel Neuman of Los Angeles on Aug. 13, 2013. Grandparents are Yael and Shlo­mo Neuman of Tucson and Eva and Tamas Lengyel of Los Angeles.… Read more »