Celebrating Handmaker’s Tenured Staff

What would it take for someone to work at the same workplace for 20 or more years? Or even 5 or more years? Whatever it might be, Handmaker must have it for 48 people, because that is the number of employees who have worked there for 5 years or longer!

At the end of each year Handmaker celebrates and honors their tenured employees. For many years elaborate Tenured Employee Dinners were held each December. While the celebrations have been toned down a bit over the years, those 48 tenured employees were happy to receive a beautiful platter of desserts made by Executive Chef Claire this year, along with a bonus check. In addition, fourteen employees received their milestone pins celebrating 5 years, 15 years, 20 years, and 25 years.

Among the group there were two employees who have been at Handmaker for 39 years, one for 32 years, one for 26 years, one for 23 years, two for 20 years, three for 19 years, and one each for 15, 16 and 17 years. Quite an accomplishment, especially given that staff turnover everywhere seems to be so high.

So why such a long list of tenured staff? It could be that working at an organization that has been caring for the elderly for 60 years inspires loyalty, or that caring for the elderly in our community is extremely rewarding, or that being part of the tenured staff club is inspiring. Whatever their individual reasons, these dedicated and hardworking tenured employees deserve to be celebrated. And Handmaker will surely continue to do so each year as the list grows longer!

And if you, or anyone you know is looking for meaningful work in the healthcare industry, Handmaker is hiring! For information on employment opportunities, visit the Handmaker website, or call Alicia Corne at 520-322-3631.