Audio: Raising a Jewish Family in Tucson’s Winterhaven

Riffing off the South Park song “The Lonely Jew on Christmas,” Jordan Wiley-Hill recently told a story about raising a Jewish family in Tucson’s Winterhaven neighborhood, renowned for lavish Christmas displays during its annual Festival of Lights.

Hill is outreach and education manager at the Fox Tucson Theater and previously used his storytelling talents as a classroom teacher, including six years at Tucson Hebrew Academy. He told his Winterhaven story at Odyssey Storytelling’s Dec. 7 “Winterizing”-themed performance and was introduced by Odyssey founder Penelope Starr, another Tucsonan with a Jewish background.

Listen to Hill’s story, which features a tight-knit community, an eight-foot menorah, and a sassy 10-year-old, here.

Information about Winterhaven’s 74th annual Festival of Lights, which supports the Community Food Bank, is here.

(Phyllis Braun is a member of the Odyssey Storytelling board.)