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Examining justice: Introducing the Tzedek Project

What is justice? Equity? Fair treatment? The blindfolded woman holding the scales? What would the perfect world, filled with justice,  look like?

Deuteronomy 16:20 tells us:

“Tzedek, tzedek tirdof l’maan tichyeh.”

Justice, justice you shall pursue, that you may live…

In the months of 2021, we will explore many facets of justice in a series of essays.  For example:  Is it just for any child in this abundant country to go to bed hungry?  Was it just to relegate Black baseball players to their own league? Can a school regulate the speech of a student who is off campus?

Should a police officer be responsible not only for maintaining public order but also for dealing with a member of the public who has mental health issues?

The Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona is a partner in Tucson Stakeholders for Unity and Reconciliation, a group of community agencies convened by the Erik Hite Foundation. Each stakeholder has been asked to prepare a program dealing with social justice.  The Tzedek Project is ours.

Join me as we consider how to pursue justice, perhaps how to answer some of these questions and how to fulfill the biblical  admonition.  Justice is mentioned twice, thereby emphasizing its importance.  Is it important to you?  Let’s find out…


Audrey Brooks is an Emeritus Judicial Member, State Bar of Wisconsin, lifelong volunteer, and current Tucson Hebrew Academy Board Trustee.