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Vineyard purchases benefit Israeli charities and Tucson J

The Israel Innovation Fund’s Wine on the Vine initiative allows people to plant a grapevine in Israel in the name of a loved one for $18. The Tucson Jewish Community Center is one of the first five JCCs in the United States to partner with Wine on the Vine. The program aims to serve those who love the land and people of Israel in three ways:

• Give those elsewhere a way to literally root themselves in the soil of Israel.

• Raise money for causes that serve the needs of the people of Israel.

• Support a 3,500-year Jewish cultural practice that connects with people all around the world, especially young people.

A percentage of every vine sold through the Tucson Jewish Community Center also will support the J. All contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers. Visit to learn about the options for buying a vine, including choosing which Israeli charities your purchase will support.