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Mosque torched in Jerusalem in apparent hate crime

(JTA) — A mosque in Jerusalem was burned down in an apparent hate crime.

The torching of the mosque in the Sharafat area on Thursday right resulted in no injuries. But nearby, spray painted in Hebrew, was the message: “Wreck Jewish [homes] — enemy homes will be wrecked.” Graffiti found at the scene also mentioned Kumi Ori, the name of an Israeli outpost in the West Bank.

Police are investigating the incident, Army Radio reported, and have not made arrests.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion condemned the alleged arson.

“Such a hate crime is unacceptable and intolerable,” Lion said. “I am confident police will do everything within it powers to catch and punish the perpetrators. Jerusalem belongs to all its citizens, of all groups and faiths. Such incidents are very serious and harm directly the fabric of life in the city.”