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Former Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson endorses Bernie Sanders

(JTA) — Marianne Williamson, a Jewish writer and self-help guru whose run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination failed to gain strength, has endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Williamson offered her support during an appearance Sunday at a Sanders rally in Austin, Texas.

“We’re being told oh, it can’t happen. He can’t beat (President Donald) Trump. Bernie can’t beat Trump, it can’t happen,” Williamson said at the rally. “I’ll tell you what’s already happened to those who say it cannot happen. You just tell them this. It already happened. He won Iowa. It already happened, he won New Hampshire. It already happened, he won Nevada.”


Williamson, who dropped out of the race in early January, also backed Sanders in his unsuccessful White House bid in 2016.

Among her campaign promises was paying reparations to African-Americans for slavery and creating a Department of Peace. Williamson drew criticism for some controversial comments on health issues, including calling mandatory vaccines “Orwellian” and clinical depression “a scam.” She later backtracked on the comments.