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AJP article inspires young reader’s Lego club

Eight-year-old Arlo Foote of Tucson invites kids to join him in a Lego and Hebrew club on Zoom.
Arlo Foote’s Lego seaplane

When Arlo Foote read the Arizona Jewish Post’s May 1 article, “Tucson Hebrew Academy makes fast switch to online learning,” it inspired the 8-year-old to wonder what other kids have been doing with their free time during the COVID-19 quarantine — and to create a Zoom club for Lego and Hebrew fans, says his mother, Brie Finegold.Add New

Arlo, a rising third-grader at Khalsa Montessori School who also attends Temple Emanu-El’s religious school, built a seaplane with his Lego bricks and wrote an article about his love of Legos. “First of all you can be creative and make different things. Second of all if you accidentally wreck a creation you can always rebuild it,” he wrote, recalling a Lego set he received as a gift. “All I did was make it and break it and used the pieces to make something totally new.”

Arlo then composed an invitation for other kids to join him for a Lego and Hebrew chug (group or circle.)

“Lego fans and Hebrew fans, this the Zoom chug for you. Join Arlo, the host, for a fantastic time,” he wrote.

“This chug is every other week on Sundays in the morning at 10 a.m. … And every time, we make a Hebrew letter, then share Lego creations that start with that letter. This Zoom chug is only for kids 5 and up (no adults at all). Our first letter will be mem, which is the first letter of matos (airplane).

The Zoom group hasn’t started yet, says Finegold. Families with kids who are interested in joining can email her at