YWC plans Mahj, Margaritas & Mitzvahs for all

A mojito toast from Young Women’s Cabinet members at the January 2019 Mahj, Mojitos & Mitzvahs event, (L-R): Simone Krame, Jennifer Selco, Kathy Gerst, Jenny Rothschild, Katie Stellitano-Rosen, Rachel Jarrett.

The Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona Young Women’s Cabinet will host its eighth annual mah jongg fest this year on Wednesday, Jan. 8. “Mahj, Margaritas & Mitzvahs” welcomes players of all levels, from first-timers to experts. The evening will include a margarita bar and heavy hors d’oeuvres. The event organizing committee includes YWC co-chairs Kathy Gerst and Jenny Rothschild, along with Trinh Tofel, Jamie Kippur, Karen Sadow, Lilian Hansen, and Meg Knight.

“We had great attendance last year, and are hoping for the same attendance or bigger,” says Gerst. “We have lots of gals coming who are new to mahj so we are trying to recruit more women who can help teach. This year we are going to streamline the event so there is more time to play.”

Participants should bring a new blanket to donate at the event. “The blankets are being collected as part of a larger effort to help homeless youth through the organization Youth on Their Own,” Gerst says. “If women aren’t able to get out to buy a new blanket or aren’t going to be attending, they can still make an online donation specifically for the blanket drive on the web registration for the event. Blankets are a high-need item this year.”

The event is open to women of all ages. “We want them to learn about the work we are doing and about opportunities to be involved, and this event is a great one to get started since it is fun and also multi-generational. By tapping into their own networks, we can grow participation in JFSA Women’s Philanthropy,” Gerst adds.

Festivities begin at 6 p.m. with play getting underway at 6:45 p.m. at the Harvey and Deanna Evenchik Center for Jewish Philanthropy, 3718 E. River Road. RSVP at www.jfsa.org/ywcmahj2020, apro@jfsa.org or call Anel Pro at 647-8455.