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Shinshinim’s first weeks in Tucson end with road trip

Danielle Levy and Shay Friedwald, Tucson’s new shinshinim (Israeli teen emissaries) visited Disneyland over the 2019 Labor Day weekend with Congregation Anshei Israel’s B’Yahad madrichim (teen leaders) and USY programs.

Editor’s note: This is a new, occasional column to update the community on the activities of the Weintraub Israel Center’s shinshinim (Israeli teen emissaries).

Tuson? Taksen? Tucson?

And then we are told that we’re about to live a whole year, in the middle of the desert, with a complete stranger.

We never imagined that this desert would contain so many amazing and unexpected things and people.

We entered a beautiful, kind, and warm community.

We were welcomed with open arms and thousands of eyes waiting to see us and hear from us.

In the past few weeks, we have started to work with many different congregations, from pre-k classes all the way to eighth grade. We lead activities about Israel and Hebrew and enjoy spending our time with everyone.

We can’t wait to collect more experiences, and share them here, with you.
So nice to meet you all!

— Shay Friedwald and Danielle Levy,
the new shinshinim