No one wants to publish Woody Allen’s memoir

(JTA) — Woody Allen can’t get a book deal.

In the latest step of his precipitous fall from grace, the prolific director has been unable to find a publisher for a memoir he’s shopping around. This comes after Netflix canceled a multi-movie deal and some of his former stars have distanced themselves from him.

Allegations that Allen sexually assaulted his then-7-year-old daughter, Dylan Farrow, in 1992, have received renewed scrutiny since the beginning of the #MeToo movement. Allen denies the allegations, which Farrow has stood by.

At least four publishing houses have declined the memoir over the past year, with some calling it “toxic” or declining to even read the manuscript, according to The New York Times. The newspaper said that if Allen does have a book deal, it is being kept secret.

Allen has written books throughout his film career, which spans six decades.