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Joan Schwartz

Joan Schwartz died April 26, 2019.

Joan was a beloved wife to David B. Waine; also a beloved mother to Ariel Jason Schwartz, Rayna Leora Schwartz, and Danielle Tamar Schwartz; and Janae Adele Newhouse-Waine.

Joan was originally from Long Island, New York, but spent much of her career in Tucson. Joan earned a B.S. in chemical engineering in 1984 and an M.S in optical engineering in 1989 from the University of Rochester. She later took graduate courses in optics at the University of Arizona. She served in the optics industry for 17 years.

Joan was a valuable contributor to the fields of engineering and optics throughout her stellar career. In 2006, Joan joined 4D Technology Corporation (now part of Nanometrics) as a manufacturing engineer, where she helped to create and test state-of-the-art interferometry systems. More recently, Joan served as senior service manager there. She was recognized for her inventiveness, technical insight, and thoroughness. When Joan took on a challenge, she dove into it whole-heartedly and with immense commitment. With her realistic optimism, blended with courage and empathy, she stood out as a friend and positive influence in the community at large. She always gave more than was expected and was an archetype who demonstrated that love always wins in this world.

A scholarship endowment in her name has been established by her friends and family at the University of Arizona James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences. Contributions to the Joan Schwartz Graduate Student Scholarship in Optical Sciences may be made at