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In Focus 3.22.19: UA Hillel commemorates Holocaust

At the University of Arizona’s 28th Annual Holocaust Vigil on March 13, Holocaust survivor Yulia Genina holds rubber stamps she will use, along with markers, to decorate a tile in honor of a child killed in the Holocaust. Each participant took the tile they made and a slip of paper with the child’s name home with them, “to remember this child and ‘Never Again,'” says UA Hillel Executive Director Michelle Blumenberg.

At least 500 people stopped by the University of Arizona Hillel Foundation’s 28th Annual Holocaust Vigil, held over 24 hours beginning at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 13. Volunteers read the names of victims throughout the vigil. Visitors also had the opportunity to participate in an art project, meet with survivors who live in Tucson, and learn about Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.

Photos by Alexandra Sharon Pere, AJP Intern

Students examine exhibits at the 2019 University of Arizona Hillel Holocaust Vigil, including a museum pod framed with the infamous sign that hung above the gates at the Auschwitz concentration camp, which reads ‘Arbeit macht frei’ (Work sets you free).










A museum pod at the University of Arizona Hillel Holocaust Vigil memorializes the millions of Jews and others murdered at Nazi concentration camps, as well as those who survived.