Guinness World Records certifies world’s most valuable dreidel

(JTA) — Jewelers in New York City have created the world’s most valuable dreidel, according to Guinness World Records.

The custom-designed piece created by Estate Diamond Jewelry is valued at $70,000. It includes the diamond-encrusted Hebrew letters nun, gimmel, hay and shin, and a 4.2-carat diamond on its tip.

The 18K gold dreidel stands 10.8 cm high. The letters are made of white gold and are encrusted with 222 round brilliant diamonds, according to Guinness. It was created in the artistic style of Art Deco, according to the jewelers, who said the final design was heavily inspired by the Chrysler Building located a few blocks from the company’s showroom.

Estate Diamond Jewelry has collected rare and vintage engagement rings for over 40 years.

“The inspiring message of Chanukah (aka Hanukkah) has always resonated with us and we love whimsical jewelry, so naturally, we have always tried to get our hands on an important antique dreidel to add to the collection,” the company said in a blog post.

“A few months ago, however, we decided that we wanted to create our dream-dreidel all by ourselves, inspired by the artistic designs of the vintage jewelry from our collection. We had no idea how fun this journey would be.”