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‘Never Again’ article misrepresents gun control movement

I feel uncomfortable writing this letter, but I feel that a response is needed to the recent article written by Dov Marhoffer, “‘Never Again’ belongs to the Holocaust, not the gun control movement,” (AJP 9/14/18).  I cannot begin to imagine the horrors that he must have experienced as a Holocaust survivor and I do agree with his views regarding the misappropriation of the slogan “Never Again” by various groups. I do not, however, agree at all with his views in regard to disparaging the gun control movement. Mr. Marhoffer has used the phrase “disarming law-abiding citizens” repeatedly throughout his article as if this is being proposed as the only solution to the gun problem in America. Most of the mainstream movements advocate stricter measures in regard to gun ownership not confiscation of guns from “law abiding citizens.” What is wrong with background checks, waiting periods, co-ordination between law agencies regarding their various lists of people who should not be allowed to purchase guns and a myriad list of proposals that could make it more difficult for people to obtain guns who shouldn’t have them? I am not naïve enough to believe that any proposal would stop guns from getting into the wrong hands, but I do not feel that false claims should be employed in attacking the problem. Disarming law-abiding citizens is not the sole aim of the majority of Americans who want to see some action taken to help stop the massacre of innocent people due to the easy availability of obtaining weapons, especially assault type guns.

— Martin Greene