Chanukah | Israel

Children’s creativity shines forth in AJP Hanukkah art contest

First place winner Alex Erbst, age 6
First place winners Luke & Hunter Meislin, twins, age 7
First place winner Michael Jurkowitz, age 12

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Arizona Jewish Post Hanukkah art contest. All of the submissions were outstanding and conveyed the symbols of the holiday with warmth and love.

First place winners Alex Erbst (age 6, Tucson Hebrew Academy), Luke and Hunter Meislin (twins, age 7, Manzanita Elementary School), and Michael Jurkowitz (Alice Vail Middle School, age 12) win a 4-attraction family combo pack from OdySea in the Desert.



Second place winner Alma Green (age 6)
Second place winners Goldie and Sara Ceitlin, ages 8 and 7
Second place winner Kira Whitaker, age 11

Second place winners Alma Green (age 6, THA), Goldie and Sara Ceitlin (ages 8 and 7, Nigri Shluchim online school and Chabad Day School), and  Kira Whitaker (age 11, THA); and third place winners  Max Bell (age 6, THA), Matthew Meislin (age 9, Manzanita Elementary School) and Jacob Hoffman (age 10, THA) all receive two “Awesome Wristbands” and $10 in arcade play from Funtasticks Family Fun Park.

Third place winner Max Bell, age 6
Third place winner Matthew Meislin, age 9
Third place winner Jacob Hoffman, age 10