Café at the J will be kosher for Passover

The Café at the J will be open Monday, April 2 through Thursday, April 5, during the chol hamoed (intermediate days) of Passover, with a special menu of kosher-for-Passover meals. This the first time the café at the Tucson Jewish Community Center will be open during Passover. The café is open to the entire community.

The café will be closed Wednesday, March 28 through Friday, March 30, so that proprietor Asher Amar can prepare it for Passover. The café is under the kashrut supervision of Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz.

The Passover menu includes omelets, shakshuka (an Israeli dish of eggs cooked in a tomato sauce) and matzah brie for breakfast. Lunch offerings will include a variety of salads; matzah quesadillas (cheese, Greek style or salmon), a gefilte fish plate, grilled salmon with vegetables, matzah ball soup and a soup of the day, plus daily specials.

For more information, call 299-3000.