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Beauty of Shabbat transcends fear

On Friday night, Nov. 2, I entered a local synagogue with a feeling of trepidation. Could a copycat of the recent tragedy in Pittsburgh take place in Tucson? I wondered what I would do if the unthinkable happened again. Remembering how we were taught in elementary school to crouch under our desks in case of attack, I mentally formed a similar plan should the need arise.

Calm came over me as the Shabbat candles were lit by a couple celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. The beautiful rituals of Shabbat and precious milestones of life were continuing! During the upbeat musical service, a feeling of great ruach (spirit) was in the air, enhanced by the numbers who so wanted to be there that they were spilling out onto the walkway.

We Jews shall do more than survive, I firmly told myself. We shall thrive!

— Barbara Russek