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AARP age-friendly survey assesses Tucson

Last year, AARP Arizona conducted a telephone survey of adults 45 and older across Tucson in efforts to help make the city more age-friendly.

AARP accepted the City of Tucson into its Network of Age Friendly Communities in October 2016 as the 122nd community. Tucson is the first Arizona city in the network. As such, the City of Tucson has made the commitment to actively work toward making the city a great place for people of all ages.

AARP’s Age Friendly Network was created to help cities prepare for the rapid aging of populations and the increase in urbanization. The program targets the environmental, social, and economic factors that influence the health and well-being of residents of all ages.

AARP has identified eight areas that influence the quality of life of those in a community, particularly older adults. The eight areas are outdoor spaces and buildings; housing; transportation; social participation; respect and social inclusion; civic participation and employment; communication and information; and community and health services.

The survey captured these eight areas of an age-friendly community in order to help communities establish a baseline concerning needs and wants of residents as they age, and conduct a community needs assessment to identify and prioritize areas of focus.

Survey Highlights

78 percent of Tucson residents own their own home;

63 percent of residents want to stay in their own home or community;

40 percent of residents want a home that will help them live independently as they age;

37 percent of residents are concerned about their personal safety and security;

24 percent of residents say they use public transportation;

48 percent of residents walk or bike within their community;

22 percent of residents say they need to make major repairs, home modifications or changes;

51 percent of residents say they consider their health to be excellent or very good;

30 percent of residents say they are employed full-time;

88 percent of residents say they are in contact with family, friends or neighbors weekly.

For more information about the age-friendly survey results, visit www.aarp.org/agefriendlycommunities.