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Mishler will sign ‘Zalman Ber’s Story’ at Tucson J

zalman396x500The Tucson Jewish Community Center will present a book signing by local artist and author Lisa Kotz Mishler of her new book, “Zalman Ber’s Story: The True Story of the Man the Nazis Could Not Kill,” as told to her by her father, Sol Kotz, on Sunday, Feb. 26 from 2-4 p.m. The event will include a question and answer session.

Together, Ber and his wife, Luba, survived the Holocaust. They escaped the horrors the Nazis inflicted on their Polish villages, fought with partisans, and later, Ber enlisted with the Russian military.

Their story has been added to the collection of the United States Holocaust History Museum. It is a testament to their resiliency and capacity not just to survive, but to flourish and rise above tremendous adversity.

Mishler’s first book, “L’Chayim — To Life,” is a collection of paintings and narration inspired by her parents’ harrowing journey in Poland during World War II.