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Jewish Federations respond to Hurricane Harvey

The Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona has joined with the Jewish Federations of North America to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical storm.

In an email to the community today, Stuart Mellan, JFSA president and CEO, and Shelly Silverman, JFSA chair, wrote:

“Over the past few days, Hurricane Harvey’s record rainfall, flooding, and damaging winds have devastated communities along the Gulf Coast. Thousands have been evacuated. To date, five people have lost their lives, and the death toll is anticipated to rise. In Texas, the need for shelter, clothes, food, medicine, and other support increases every day, even as rain continues to pound the region.

“The Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona is joining with the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) to help the growing numbers of victims of this natural disaster. The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund will be administered by JFNA and will enable relief agencies and partners in the United States, Israel, and beyond to provide urgently needed assistance in a coordinated manner.

“The needs are critical. Click here to donate now.

“According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, more than 30,000 people have been forced into temporary shelters. Nearly half a million have registered for disaster aid. In urban areas in Houston, Corpus Christi, Galveston, San Antonio and beyond, some of the most vulnerable citizens – people with disabilities or those suffering illnesses, parents with young children, and the homeless – have been among those most affected.

“There is no relief in sight: widespread flooding, power outages, and pounding rain continue to impact the Gulf Coast. Life-threatening water levels are expected to continue rising in the coming days.

“Our Federation has a responsibility to help not only our own Jewish community here at home, but also to help all men, women, and children suffering in this terrible catastrophe. We hope you’ll consider joining us by offering your support.”