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Darkaynu adds staff, toddler program

Darkaynu Tucson Jewish Montessori is making changes for the new school year, adding a new covered playground, new staff members and a toddler program. The preschool now accepts children ages 1-6.

Darkaynu will become the first preschool in the area with Imagination Playground Blue Blocks (as seen at the Tucson Children’s Museum), designed to inspire creativity for all ages.

Helena Wafalowski
Jessica Doner
Rhonda Ebert

The teachers joining Darkaynu are Helena “Waffles” Wafalowski, who comes to Tucson from Springfield, Ill., where she taught at Building Blocks Preschool for 12 years; Jessica Doner, also new to Tucson, who has spent several years working for Schools for the Deaf & Blind in Wisconsin and Utah; and Rhonda Ebert, who has been teaching in Montessori  schools for almost 20 years, most recently in Boulder, Colo.  In addition to studying early childhood education, Ebert holds a Montessori Education Certificate and has attended multiple Montessori conferences. 

For more information, visit, or call 790-2784.