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Tzofim troupe of Israeli Scouts to perform free concert at the J

The Weintraub Israel Center and the Tucson J, with the support and cooperation of members of Catalina Council, Boy Scouts of America, announce a free performance bythe Israeli Scouts on Monday, June 20 at 6 p.m. in the ballroom of the Tucson J.

The troupe of 10 Israeli Scouts are part of the 2016 Tzofim Friendship Caravan Program. Once a year in the summer, the Tucson community is treated to a 24 hour visit consisting of a high-energy performance and specialized cultural programming from the Israeli Tzofim Friendship Caravan.

This year, in celebration of the 95th Anniversary of Camp Lawton located on Mt. Lemmon, our Tucson Boy Scouts will be able to sit, play, eat and share scouting experiences with this group of Israeli Scouts.

For more information about the Israeli Scouts, contact  Oshrat Barel at the Weintraub Israel Center, 520-577-9393, or


The TZOFIM in Israel

Founded in 1919, the Tzofim was the first Zionist youth movement in Israel. Today, the Tzofim is the only official “National Youth Movement” in the country. It was the first egalitarian Scouting movement in the world, where boys and girls participate together on an equal basis. In Israel today, there are over 300,000 Tzofim graduates. Currently, there are over 60,000 Jewish Tzofim and over 25,000 Arab Tzofim. The number of active Tzofim has grown by over 55 percent in the last 10 years alone, while almost all other youth movement in the country have greatly decreased in membership. There are over 160 tribes (troops) in almost 100 cities, towns, moshavim and kibbutzim. Over 1/3 of the Tzofim tribes are located in development towns and challenged neighborhoods.


The Friends of Israel Scouts, Inc. – TZOFIM

Formed in 1995, the Friends of Israel Scouts, Inc. – Tzofim (FOIS) encompasses programs that develop and maintain a connection between the Tzofim (Israel Scouts) movement in Israel and North American Jewry.