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Tips to help make ‘organize my closet’ resolution a reality

(Family Features) — It’s the time of year when many of us think about getting organized for a fresh new start.

“Most of us put cleaning out and organizing our closets at the top of our New Year’s resolutions list every single year,” says Barbara Reich, professional organizer. “But how many of us just think about it without actually doing it? To get serious and take action, you need a plan of attack.”

These tips from Reich will help you follow through.

  • Determine your overall goal. Are you simply organizing what you have or do you need to purge unused items? Remember that items in good condition can be donated to those in need.
  • Consider a do-it-yourself closet organizer product; they’re affordable, easy to install and adjustable. Sketch out your plan on paper or use an online design tool to decide what pieces you’ll need. Accessories, such as drawers and shoe shelves, help personalize the space, while fabric bins are perfect for storing handbags and other smaller items.
  • Once you install your new system, start by hanging as much as possible; this makes it easier to see what you have. Group like things together by category, such as pants, skirts, tops, etc., then within each category, group by season and by color. Take advantage of prime real estate by positioning the things you wear most often in the place that is most accessible and easiest to reach.
  • Be vigilant about keeping the space organized. Have a plan in mind when you purchase new things. Ask yourself if you really need the item and determine what you can discard to make room.