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‘Bad Jews’ probes identity with comic twist

(L to R) Shira Maas, Jeremy Vega, Beth May and Luka Vonier star in Arizona Onstage Productions’ “Bad Jews.”

Arizona Onstage Productions will present “Bad Jews,” a dark comedy by Joshua Harmon, at the Temple of Music and Art Cabaret Space for three weekends beginning Friday, May 6.

“Bad Jews” pits Daphna Feygenbaum, a “real Jew” with an Israeli boyfriend, against her cousin Liam after the death of their grandfather, a Holocaust survivor. When Liam brings home his non-Jewish girlfriend, Melody, and declares ownership of their grandfather’s chai necklace, it touches off a brawl over family, faith and legacy.

“There’s nothing like a death in the family to bring out the worst in people. This unhappy truth is displayed with delectably savage humor in ‘Bad Jews,’” says The New York Times.

The LA Times says the humor “does more than entertain — it vexes and disturbs while challenging simplistic distinctions between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Jews.”

A caveat: The play is “rated R for extreme profanity,” according to