Southwest Torah Institute July 4 message mixes patriotism, Judaism

Chofetz-Chayim_Proudly-PressReleaseIn honor of Independence Day, the Southwest Torah Institute is offering “Proudly American, Devoutly Jewish, Thriving at Both,” a free multimedia presentation, at www.tucsontorah.org.  The 50-minute presentation is written and presented by Rabbi Israel Becker.

“With this on-line presentation, you will find a refreshing look at the Jewish experience in America, understanding further how we can continue to thrive as both Americans and Jews,” says Becker.

“At the very same time of the Spanish Inquisition, Columbus’ historic voyage of discovery planted the seeds for a safe haven for the Jews of the future. ‘Proudly American, Devoutly Jewish, Thriving at Both’ traces all the stages in the migration to the New World that led to the creation of the American Jew of today,” adds Becker. “The dream of a better life in America that compelled the early immigrants to come to these shores can still be lived and enjoyed today. Despite today’s turbulent times, we as Jews must continue to celebrate and recognize the powerful blessings that we enjoy in America.”

“While we were still in Jerusalem, the prophet Jeremiah prophesied, and continued to prophesy even when we were exiled, that wherever Jews are they have the responsibility to pray for the city and the nation that houses them,” he says.

The multimedia work is also available via the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona’s website, www.jewishtucson.org. Stuart Mellan, JFSA president and CEO, says, “Give yourself the gift of inspiration by viewing ‘Proudly American, Devoutly Jewish’ with your family and friends. I can assure you that the message will resonate and bring meaning to your Fourth of July holiday.”

For more information, contact Becker at 747-7780.