Rabbi takes part in Tucson “Why Marriage Matters” event

Rabbi Thomas Louchheim

Rabbi Thomas Louchheim of Congregation Or Chadash was one of the 10 Tucson clergy who took part in an interfaith “Why Marriage Matters Arizona” event, voicing support for the freedom for all couples to be able to marry, on Tuesday, May 27 at 6 p.m. at Casas Adobes Congregational Church. Similar events were held in Phoenix and Flagstaff to counter the misconception that people of faith are opposed to same-sex marriage.

Here is Louchheim’s statement:

There are some who read the Hebrew Scriptures and use it as a weapon to bolster their own opinion about who will and will not be allowed in holy places or be able to partake in holy rituals. On the contrary, the bible … goes to great lengths in describing how it can be possible to allow everyone in and give opportunities to participate. It is through acts of love, charity and kindness that God’s presence is manifest among us. … Gay and lesbians who wish to solemnize their relationship by kiddushim desire to be recognized by all in being able to embody the divine principles of Scripture. When they desire to mark their partnership through ceremony as one of love, as one of faithfulness, as one of kindness and support for another, this is already recognized by God and should be recognized by us.”

For more information, visit whymarriagemattersarizona.org.