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Massive terror tunnel discovered in Tucson’s partnership region

On July 23, the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona reported, the IDF discovered a massive terror tunnel extending from Gaza into the Israeli town of Netiv HaAsara. Netiv HaAsara is part of Tucson’s Partnership2Gether region of Kiryat Malachi/Hof Ashkelon. Tucson and the region have a longstanding relationship, and several families from the region are currently participating in the Weintraub Israel Center’s “Same Moon” program.
The Netiv HaAsara tunnel, now under IDF control, is the longest and widest terror tunnel discovered in Israel so far.

Since July 8, an average of 145 rockets have been fired into Israel each day. Tucson’s Partnership2Gether region near Gaza is directly in the line of fire.

The Jewish Federations of North America is partnering with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism,  the Union for Reform Judaism and JFNA’s overseas partners on “Stop the Sirens,” a special fundraising effort that will be used to provide safety equipment, trauma counseling, and respite opportunities to children and adults under fire in Israel. The Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and its community partners are supporting this campaign.
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How your resources will be used:
Federation dollars allocated in this emergency campaign will impact tens of thousands of Israelis in just one week.
  • Relief from the line of fire for 20,000 children this week
  • Help for 20,000 of Israel’s most vulnerable citizens
  • Trauma support for 12,000 Israelis

Immediate Needs for Tucson’s Partnership2Gether Region  
Tucson’s Partnership region of Kiryat Malachi/Hof Ashkelon is located on the Gaza border, directly in the line of fire. A portion of your donation will go directly to support the region’s Emergency Operating Center and to provide safe shelter and activities for children and adults in the area.

Notes from Our Partner Region

“The usual daily routine of summer vacation days, full of activities and the laughter of children, has been replaced with the sound of siren after siren, the noise of the planes and helicopters overhead, and the booms of incoming rockets intercepted by the Iron Dome. The brilliant Iron Dome, a life-saving invention of true genius, works in an amazing special way, and has fortunately saved countless lives.”
– Yair Farjun, head of the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council”Our communities in Hof Ashkelon and Kiryat Malachi are going through difficult and complicated times, but there is one clear and strong bright spot every day, which comes from you, our Partnership communities overseas, who prove again and again that the partnership between the communities is stronger than anything else! We want to thank you for your support and the love and strength that you send us, which come across the great physical distance between us! We hope that quieter days will come soon.”
– Tzachi Levy, Edit Asor and Adi Shacham, Partnership2Gether staff

Kathryn Unger, JFSA chair, and Stuart Mellan, JFSA president and CEO, urge everyone to “join us in this extraordinarily important campaign today. We express our sustained hope for peace and concern for all people of the region.