Local expert keen on new Calloway driver

One of the new technological wonders in golf, says Scott Gregoire of Van’s Golf Shop, is the Big Bertha Alpha driver coming out next month from Calloway, a company that had been struggling in recent years.

Over the last two years, Calloway’s new CEO, Chip Brewer, “turned Calloway around back into the product-innovating company that they once were,” he says.

The Big Bertha Alpha performs well, says Gregoire, who’s seen it demonstrated on a machine and heard about people testing it in the field.

“You can put technology into a club but if it doesn’t perform well, what’s the point?” he says.

The Big Bertha Alpha has a small weighted rod that’s inserted into the bottom of the golf club. “There’s a little port on the bottom that you can unscrew and take that weight out,” says Gregoire, explaining that the rod is weighted differently at each end, so a player can reverse it, changing ball flight and spin rates.