Israel trip grant chance for ‘spiritual healing’

Bruce and Alayne Greenberg
Bruce and Alayne Greenberg

Bruce and Alayne Greenberg have been awarded the $2,500 Goldman Family Israel Scholarship Award from the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona for the Southwest Torah Institute 2014 Israel Experience Trip slated for May 4-18.

Announcing the award on behalf of the Southwest Torah Institute, Rabbi Israel Becker expressed his hope that the Greenbergs will experience the kind of inspiration that Elliot Goldman felt in Israel. “Elliot Goldman, of blessed memory, fell in love with Israel, and his experience generated a deeply felt desire to connect not only to Israel, but to the Jewish community of Tucson as well. I fondly recall Elliot’s love of synagogue life and his extensive community involvement, which earned him the Jewish Federation’s young leadership award over 30 years ago,” said Becker. “We are confident that this Israel Experience will bring Bruce and Alayne added inspiration, and help them continue to inspire others through their already active community involvement.”

The Greenberg’s daughter, Anna, a heroic role model in the Tucson Jewish community, died last year. “As we will be inspired by the triumphs of the spiritual giants who made great sacrifices in ancient and recent times to create the Israel of today, we will also think of Anna, who was a pillar of courage and strength in Tucson and continues to inspire us all,” said Becker.

The Greenbergs will be traveling to Israel with Anna’s first yahrzeit in mind. “We believe being in Eretz Yisrael with Rabbi and Esther Becker at this time is an opportunity to elevate our spiritual healing,” Bruce Greenberg said. “Our strength during Anna’s cancer journey came from the loving and caring support of our family and community, and from our faith and trust in Hashem. Traveling to Eretz Yisrael at this time will be like a Havdalah, as we near the close of a year of mourning by stepping forward into a new year of spiritual healing and enlightenment.”

Alayne Greenberg expressed her gratitude to the Jewish Community Foundation and the Elliot S. Goldman and Goldman Family Israel Scholarship, adding, “The intensity and enrichment planned for this trip offers a tremendous opportunity to enhance and elevate our faith in Hashem, holding space for greater involvement in the Jewish community at home, abroad and beyond.”