Beat Cancer Boot Camp part of JCC wellness initiatives

Joyce A. Schroeder
Joyce A. Schroeder

“There isn’t anyone who isn’t touched by cancer,” says Anita Kellman, who founded the Kellman Beat Cancer Boot Camp more than 10 years ago. The boot camp, offering twice-weekly exercise classes and monthly dinners with educational speakers, is now available at the Tucson Jewish Community Center. The program is open to those currently battling cancer and to cancer survivors, family members and friends.

Based on the U.S. Navy Seals training program, boot camp combines physical fitness, mental toughness and an atmosphere of learning and support, says Kellman.

“I’m passionate about helping people deal with a cancer diagnosis. This is a bigger story than boot camp. The JCC has committed to bringing wellness events to the Jewish community,” she says, “including the Nov. 9 Wellness Expo. The J is also partnering with Tucson Medical Center and Arizona Oncology [Associates] to bring in more educational programs as part of their wellness commitment.”

The lecture series will begin on Thursday, Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. with Joyce A. Schroeder, Ph.D, associate professor in the department of molecular and cellular biology at the University of Arizona, who was awarded a U.S. patent for a first-in-class breast cancer treatment. “This drug goes into the cell and separates the proteins and puts them where they belong,” she explains.

“Typically, metastatic breast cancer resists therapy. With this drug, we have a strong chance of saving women’s lives. This drug not only blocks the spread of a tumor but reduces its size,” says Schroeder, who is also a Galileo Circle Fellow in the UA College of Science and an Arizona Cancer Center and BIO5 Institute member. “We are hopeful that it may treat patients without the terrible side effects associated with chemotherapy.”

The entire KBCBC program, including two weekly fitness classes and a monthly lecture, is free to JCC members. Nonmembers can join the fitness classes by purchasing a multi-class convenience card or paying an individual class drop-in fee. The lectures are free to all. Boxed dinners will be available for $8 each.To RSVP by Nov. 18, call 299-3000.