Stroll along Tel Aviv promenade yields intriguing images

In January, separated from my American Jewish Press Association group while touring Old Jaffa, I had little choice but to walk five miles back to our Tel Aviv hotel.

sw-Last Jewish SupperFor me, it was a happy opportunity to stroll along the Tel Aviv promenade by the Mediterranean Sea. I passed some broken-down houses and came upon a very cool parody of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” featuring such Jewish notables as David Ben-Gurion, Sigmund Freud, Golda Meir, Karl Marx and others (perhaps the bed was there to garner inspiration from the dignitaries while sleeping under the stars).

sw-Tel Aviv cat lady smallersw-Davening by the Mediterranean smallerIt was a cloudy, chilly day, which didn’t stop a woman in rain gear from sitting on the rocks surrounded by members of the city’s cat population. The sea also inspired a man who was davening from his pocket siddur (prayer book) while mothers pushing strollers, people walking dogs and I passed by.