JFSA transportation grant includes more shuls

Three years ago, transportation programs for Jewish seniors (60+) and adults with disabilities were begun through grants from the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona’s Task Force for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities to Congregations Or Chadash and Bet Shalom. Last year Congregations Anshei Israel, Chaverim and M’kor Hayim and Temple Emanu-El received funding to join the program. More than 100 round-trip rides were provided during the High Holy Days alone.

This year an additional four synagogues are beneficiaries of the grant: Chabad of Tucson and Congregations Chofetz Chayim, Kol Simchah and Young Israel. Jewish seniors and Jewish disabled adults may receive transportation services door-to-door from home to synagogue (or another venue such as the Tucson Jewish Community Center) for worship services, Jewish educational programs and Jewish social or cultural events sponsored or cosponsored by the participating congregation.

“Our collaborative goal is to open our doors to all Jewish seniors or adults with disabilities who are unable to drive — either affiliated or unaffiliated — who wish to be more active and take part in Jewish events where they can connect with others,” says Andi Elkins, co-chair of the transportation grant committee with Donna Beyer.

“Door-to-door transportation can cost up to $80 per round-trip,” adds Elkins. “We are asking riders who are able to help offset these costs in one of two ways: riders can seek to qualify for a county funded program that financially supports transportation (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act) or riders can make a tax-deductible donation of $50 to help subsidize the cost of 12 one-way rides, which also will help make more rides available to current and new riders.”

For more information, call Sheryl at 449-1454.