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Tucson pals shmooze over ‘bubbe breakfast’

Bubbes Marlyne Freedman and Sharon Klein enjoy breakfast at the Sunny Daze Cafe.

Breakfast is touted as the most important meal of the day. It starts us off each day on the right foot and sustains us until lunch. Marlyne Freedman, senior vice president of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, and I have taken this motto to heart and have met periodically over the past few years for what we call “Bubbe Breakfast.”

When we two bubbes (Jewish grandmothers) come together for this morning meal, we make the most of our social time. We talk grandma talk as well as network and brainstorm.

On these outings, we don’t frequent the usual chains, but rather local establishments, many mom-and-pop operations, some open for breakfast and lunch only. As others have learned of these téte-a-téte meals, they have suggested their own favorite hole-in-the-wall breakfast places around the Old Pueblo. These jaunts have provided local color and a chance to experience parts of town we would not ordinarily frequent and ethnic dishes we would not necessarily have ordered.

Together, we’ve compiled our “Best of the Best Bubbe Breakfasts” list — two weeks’ worth of favorite spots with a short highlight about each. We do not claim to be restaurant critics, only hungry morning customers. Whether ordering poached eggs over easy, huevos rancheros, or the

breakfast combo, we walked away satisfied.

B’tay avon (hearty appetite) and enjoy.

• 5th Street Kosher Deli and Market — 5071 E. 5th St. — delicious matzah brie

• Alice’s Restaurant — 5416 E. Pima St. — Coca-cola décor

• Brawley’s Restaurant — 6367 E. Broadway Blvd. — a family favorite with logo shirts and hats

• Bread & Butter Café — 4231 E. 22nd St. — home-style feel with a slice of pie to go

• Frank’s Restaurant —3843 E. Pima St. — down-home cooking

• Happy Rooster Café —1114 S. Sarnoff Dr. — farm theme

• Jethro’s Little Café — 8585 E. Broadway Blvd. — cozy/scenic wall paintings and humorous posters

• Laverna’s Coffee Shop — 220 S. Plumer Ave. — seating at couches or tables

• Le Buzz — 9121 E. Tanque Verde Rd. — bakery and breakfast café for Eastsiders, bikers

• Micha’s Restaurant — 2908 S. 4th Ave. — South Tucson favorite

• Mother Hubbard’s Restaurant — 14 W. Grant Rd. — wonderful diner not far from downtown

• Poco & Mom’s Restaurant — 1060 S. Kolb Road — Southwestern flair

• Sunny Daze Café — 4980 S. Campbell Ave. — Islands theme/checkerboard table

• Teresa’s Mosaic Café — 2456 N. Silver Mosaic Dr. (Grant/Silverbell location) — terrific view/Mexican cuisine

Sharon Klein writes the P.S. column for the AJP.