Green Valley to dedicate Holocaust memorial

The memorial stone to be dedicated Jan. 29 reads ‘Remembering the Victims of the Holocaust’

Beth Shalom Temple Center of Green Valley will host a free community gathering in honor of International Holocaust Remem­brance Day on Sunday, Jan. 29 at 10 a.m. in the chapel of Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery, 18751 S. La Canada Dr.

The program will feature historical perspectives, readings, poetry, music and thoughts shared by local Holocaust survivor Alfred Schreier.

Following the ceremony attendees will congregate in the Jewish section of the cemetery to unveil a granite pedestal dedicated to all the victims of the Holocaust, which was donated by Shelly and Freda Fiebel and the Green Valley Cemetery.

“The congregation of Beth Shalom Temple Center hopes that many people, of all faiths, will attend to show our resolve that we will never forget,” says congregant Norman Gosman, who will lead the commemorative service.

“As the fallen victims continue to inhabit our spiritual consciousness, we take inspiration from the fact that unimaginable evil could not ultimately subdue or extinguish the spiritual vigor and light within these stalwart souls,” adds Gosman, who hopes the event will inspire a renewed commitment to human rights and “a worldwide call to end oppression, prejudice, racism, discrimination and crimes fueled by hatred.”

For more information, contact Gosman at 625-6010.