And Yadda Yadda Yadda ... I Made Aliyah

Barefoot kibbutz children make for good photo ops

Ode to Found Love on Kibbutz

Flowers, dirt, and stray cats

Dogs that bark at midnight

The cow-infused downwind from the refet at 4:30 pm…

My children at 4:30 pm…

My husband at 4:30 pm…

Taking the trash out in my pajamas

Dressing up in grownup clothes for Shabbat

Singing Shiru L’adonai

Picking up snails, picking up trash

Picking up friends at the park

Showing up.

Talking when I’m most afraid to talk.

Finding out someone else is pregnant

Thanking God it’s not me.

Shnitzel, shwarma, and secondhand smoke

(Yes, sometimes secondhand smoke)

The beach and the sunset and the Jerusalem stone

And the kibbutz children, my children

Who pepper my pictures with delight.

My barefoot daughter walking along the sidewalk of our kibbutz