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Under Tucson sunset and grandmother’s lace, couple takes their vows

Bride Rebecca Kunsberg is veiled by her mother, Linda Kunsberg (left), and the groom’s mother, Beanie Rohtbart, in the ‘bedeken’ ceremony, witnessed by Rabbi Robert Eisen (far left) and groom Ted Goodman. (John Hursh - Focus On Events Photography)

Rebecca Kunsberg, 31, daughter of Andrew and Linda Kunsberg of Tucson, and Theodore Goodman, 33, son of Beanie and Markus Rohtbart of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., and Don and Gloria Goodman of West Bloomfield, Mich., were married on Nov. 14, 2010 at Westward Look Resort with Rabbi Robert Eisen of Congregation Anshei Israel officiating.

Rebecca received her master’s degree in public administration from the University of Arizona and is the leadership development and public relations director of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona. Ted received his doctorate in accounting from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is an assistant professor in the Eller College of Management.

The couple cut a cake topped with Rebecca and Ted bobbleheads (John Hursh-Focus On Events Photography)

How they met:

We met in August 2005 at a Hillel Shabbat dinner. Later, we’d see each other at Young Jewish Tucson events. When Rebecca was the YJT co-chair in 2007, she asked Ted to join the steering committee and they started dating.

The proposal:

Ted proposed on June 22, 2009. He called Rebecca many times that afternoon, confirming the time she planned on being home after work. Rebecca assured Ted, many times, that she would be home around 6 p.m., in time to grab some workout clothes and head to the JCC for Zumba class. He called during her trip home, and even as she pulled up at the house, to verify her plans. Ted seemed anxious! As soon as Rebecca entered the house, Ted told her that their dog, Colonel, dug up some really big holes in the backyard. Rebecca ran outside while yelling at Colonel for his bad behavior. She found the offending hole filled with dog toys right next to the foundation of the house. She took out some toys and found a box on the bottom of the hole. She opened the box and found a beautiful ring. Ted walked outside with a bouquet of flowers and Rebecca asked him what the ring was for. Ted asked Rebecca if she was okay, because she couldn’t stop laughing. Finally, Ted asked Rebecca if she would marry him and she said “Of course I want to marry you!”

Wedding planning triumph:

We noticed many of our friends adding one or two nonprofit organizations to their registries. We could buy pots and pans for our friends and also donate to a cause that is important to them. We decided to ask our guests to honor our simcha by making donations to organizations that are meaningful to us. However, choosing a few organizations proved to be a difficult task. We first met at a Hillel Shabbat dinner and got to know each other in our Jewish Federation’s Young Jewish Tucson group. We had our first date at the Tucson Pops Music under the Stars and we share a love of Arizona Public Media. Our friend, Capt. Joseph Salucci, returned from Afghanistan and told us about the Wounded Warriors Project. After learning about the Jewish Community Foundation, we opened a donor-advised fund. We still looked forward to a new blender, napkin rings and a complete set of china, but we also wanted to make our mark in the community and help our guests to learn more about contributing so we can donate to all of our favorite organizations.

Special memories of the day

Rebecca: My favorite memory is walking down the aisle with my parents, seeing Ted, and seeing the chuppah for the first time. My dad kept stepping on my dress and I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to ruin the wedding video. My good friend, T Vanhook, made my chuppah from my grandmother’s lace tablecloth. After my parents walked me down the aisle, and after I circled Ted seven times, we entered the chuppah. I remember looking up at the beautiful lace design and thinking of my grandmother and how much she would have loved Ted.

Ted: My favorite memory was seeing Rebecca walk down the aisle with her parents. The sun was just starting to set and it cast a wonderful light across everyone as she appeared. While our wedding was on a Sunday, this actually reminded me of the song L’cha Dodi that welcomes the Sabbath bride at sundown on Friday night. Of course, the sun was in my eyes a little too, but I was able to see her (and her Dad step on her dress).

Wedding attire: Gown by Watters and Watters; Ted wore a suit from Top Hat Formal Wear

Florist: Sav-On Flowers

Photographer: John Hursh — Focus On Events Photography

Caterer: Westward Look Resort

Wedding cake: Pumpkin cake with cheesecake frosting, with edible bougainvillea traveling up the cake(from Mini’s Cupcakes and Ambrosia Cakes) topped with two bobbleheads designed to look like Rebecca and Ted

Music: DJ Brandon Kelley