Shop local

The Arizona Jewish Post has relied on the support of the local business community since our first edition was printed in September 1946.

Fashions may have changed — our ads no longer feature chenille bedspreads and silver cocktail shakers — but it still makes good sense to shop local. When you spend your hard-earned dollars at a local business, more of those dollars stay in Arizona, strengthening our economy and enriching our community. And that’s a good deal for everyone.

In support of the shop local movement, the AJP recently joined Local First Arizona (localfirstaz.com), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and sustaining local businesses.

With this issue — as, indeed, with every issue since 1946 — we celebrate the businesses and services that make Tucson and Southern Arizona unique, from thrift shops and specialty shoe stores to restaurants, art galleries and more.

So as you enjoy the articles, we ask you to pay extra attention to the ads on each page — and remember, shop local!